Otome Number 1: GlassHeart’s ‘Summer Found Me’

22 Apr

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This is one of the first otome games I have ever played (the first being RE:Alistair), but I’m posting this first because of a lot of reasons.

There are three bachelors– Seth, Devlin, and Alden. Here they are, in order of how much I liked them:

a. Devlin – Who can resist the good-looking bad boy? Not me, that’s for sure. Actually, I have a hard time choosing between him and Seth, but his dark hair eventually won me over. Yes, I’m shallow like that, haha.

I can’t write much about the boys here, since that would be considered spoiling an amazing game, but I have to say that I liked Devlin the most because of his story. (I was kidding about the hair… I think.) I didn’t like him primarily because of his bad boy-ness, but because I genuinely felt for him. GlassHeart was an amazing writer for having made me say this.

Told you he was hot (;

Told you he was hot (;

b. Seth – Usually the best friend gets my vote in these games, but Devlin was just too damn hot for me to pass up playing his path first, so Seth was my second path. He was amazingly cute with that red hair, green eyes, glasses, AND he’s an otaku. Why aren’t there guys like him in real life?

I liked his path because he was amazingly likeable and was NOT dull, as I sometimes expect of the best guy friend stereotype. If I was made to choose between bringing either him or Devlin to life, I’d definitely choose Seth. I like guys who make me feel comfortable, hee hee.

Shoujo-vision, indeed.

Shoujo-vision, indeed.

c. Alden

Okay. I never really liked Alden much–I did his path only to complete the game. I don’t know why I didn’t like him. Maybe it was because the MC kept saying how much she liked him (yeah, I’m contrary that way). He was cute, though, but his path really didn’t interest me /: He was really sweet and all, but I didn’t get the comfortable-to-be-with vibe I got around Seth, or the I-can’t-help-but-be-attracted-to-him feel Devlin positively exuded.

Well, I like his shirt.

Well, I like his shirt.

All-in-all… The game was very, very cool. I liked the MC–she certainly wasn’t a Mary Sue! She had a voice all throughout the game (I mean, she DID speak, but I liked her thoughts and non-spoken narration). The choices were meaningful to the story, not just slapped-on choices just inserted haphazardly into the game. I liked the art, the characters (except maybe Alden, hmm…), and, most of all, the engaging story. Two thumbs up to GlassHeart, who is both the artist and the writer for this game, AND she coded the game, too.

If my feet had thumbs, I’d totes raise them, too. While I’m looking for my toe-thumbs, why don’t you go over to GlassHeart’s blog and play the game? Click the link below!

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