Otome Number 4: Date a Cake!

23 Apr

very splendid otome game

I was browsing through the lemmasoft forum when I saw this title. From the title, I knew that the game was going to be a funny one. I hope someone else besides me got the same impression that I did… haha.

This was a very short game, with only a few choices and no backgrounds at all. HOWEVER, the ‘no backgrounds’ thing kind of added to the game’s charm… I tended to focus more on the story and the characters (of which only 2 were illustrated, the MC and, uh, the cake).

The art was cute and sweet (and by art, yes, I do mean the MC and the cake), light and fluffy. Nothing astounding, but I liked it all the same.

Isn't the art cute? I keep imagining that the MC is a cupcake.

Isn’t the art cute? I keep imagining that the MC is a cupcake.

The story was cute and whimsical, and I liked it very much. This game may be off-putting to those who don’t like to read much–and this game certainly has only the bare essentials of a VN (a dialogue box, the text, and the characters). The text may be heavy at times, since the dialogue box consumes a large part of the game window, but that was the only thing that I’d say would put off players.

There’s humor, romance, and friendship. What else could I ask for in a short VN? I hope some of you would check this cute game out. Click the link below to play the game!

P.S. This is an online game, guys, so there’s no save function. However, it IS short, so if you want to start over, I don’t think it’ll be a big deal.

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