Otome Number 2: sakevisual’s RE: Alistair

23 Apr


RE: Alistair is the first non-Flash otome I’ve ever played… and one I’ve liked most of all the games I’ve played. The art was adorbs AND amazing. Let me explain how exactly the art blew me away… (NOT in technical terms though, I know next to nothing about art lol).

First of all, RE: Alistair is about a girl, Merui, who’s addicted to this MMORPG. And, get this– sakevisual, the game producers, actually had scenes where you’re IN the MMORPG, with Merui and other game characters appearing as chibi peeps. I know it’s just coding and stuff, but still, it was pretty cool. Even the game’s chat box functioned as the dialogue box.

The coding was pretty amazing, too. Not only did they do what I mentioned above, but the game also had a day planner in it. You get to decide where you spend your time every day. Not so amazing for others, but I really liked that about the game. There’s a mall in the game, and you could buy outfits, games, books… the only nit I had to pick with this one was that you couldn’t actually SEE Merui wearing the clothes.

Onto the love interests… (Again, I’m ranking them in the order they appealed to me the most.)

a. Shiro

-I DID say that I couldn’t resist a bad boy (cough, Devlin, cough), but Shiro was just too sweet that I couldn’t resist HIM either. He’s the most normal-looking of the three (for me, that is), with brown hair, brown eyes (you might call them amber, I’m fine with that), and brown clothes. I make him sound drab here, but he really IS cute. Cute enough to let me place a heart in here <3.


b. Travis

-Ah, the stand-offish computer geek who still manages to look hot even while sporting glasses and sitting in front of a computer. In real life, of course, few girls would be attracted to a guy like that, even with the beautiful clothes Travis has on in the game (he has on a blue uniform–suit–uh, I don’t know what to call his outfit). But that’s just cranky me taking a jab at Travis. He really is insufferable in the first part of the game. Just saying.


c. Derek

-I almost don’t feel like commenting about this guy at all. He didn’t strike me as interesting in any way. Not even the pink streak in his hair could move me. The only reason I played his path was to get all the CGs to unlock the extra scene. What I HATED about playing his path was that I had to NOT ATTEND ANY MEETINGS WITH SHIRO. What the heck–Shiro’s my favorite dude, and Derek’s preventing me from spending quality time with him? Also, my school-senses were tingling… I’d surely flunk the report if I didn’t attend any of my meetings with Shiro. Stuff like that shouldn’t bother me since it’s just a game… but it still bothered me nonetheless >_<.


As for the story, I have to give it a thumbs down. Needless to say, I had figured out who Alistair, the guy who made a bet with Merui, really was, before the time limit was over, so there really was no thrill. Second, all of the boys’ backstories were really, uh, cliched. Not that I didn’t enjoy playing this, though. The story just didn’t grab me the way the artwork did. (Take a look at these screenshots!)

RE: Alistair

From left to right: Fiona, Merui, Alistair


So, wanna play this game? Just click the link below, and you’re ready to go! (:

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