Otome Number 6: GlassHeart’s ‘Signed X’

09 May


I was so excited when I checked LemmaSoft out and found that GlassHeart had made another VN! After my rave review on ‘Summer Found Me’, you must guess just how eager I was to play another game by GlassHeart.

First off, the premise of the story (girl finds some guy leaving a note declaring his admiration to her), is not an entirely unique one. But then, what’s unique these days? I love how GlassHeart turned a story that had the makings of a cliche-ridden plot into a comedic and at the same time heart-warming one.

As for the art–from Summer Found Me, I thought that the art was pretty good, and this lived up to my expectations. The MC’s sprite was a cute girl, and the boys were cute, too (especially Warren).

Onto the characters, as a teaser!

1. Marty

The clueless MC

The clueless MC

-The energetic MC. She adds the ‘funny’ ingredient to the mix–what with her insistence on doing things manga heroines usually do…

2. Warren

I just love his hair. <3

I just love his hair. ❤

-Marty’s best friend who apparently enjoys helping her in her schemes…especially when she messes up.

3. Matt

This is NOT Naruto. I have to remember that... xD

This is NOT Naruto. I have to remember that… xD

-The boy who left the wondrous note on Marty’s desk. He kinda reminds me of Naruto (in looks).

Signed X poster

Signed X poster

Isn't that menu design just perfect?

Isn’t that menu design just perfect?

Another thing that made me fall in love with this was the comedy. I loved the way this made me giggle ((: (My sister in the room next to mine thought I was going crazy what with all my giggling…)

I really can’t put up much as it’s a short game, and posting more about this will reveal spoilers. So what are you waiting for? Go and download ‘Signed X’ for some rom-com action! ❤ (Link below!)


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4 responses to “Otome Number 6: GlassHeart’s ‘Signed X’

  1. GlassHeart

    May 10, 2013 at 2:36 am

    Reblogged this on Summer found me and commented:
    Thank you so much for reviewing Singed X ^_^ Now that you mentioned it, I can’t NOT see Matt as some relative of Naruto. XD

    • apoeticalfriday

      May 10, 2013 at 3:54 am

      Haha! ((: I immediately thought “Naruto” when I first saw him xD

  2. Parisa

    May 15, 2013 at 6:31 pm

    I can’t believe our tastes are the same. I agreed with almost everything you said. Too sad I’ve played almost every games you reviewed. I wanted to play something new and though maybe this site would recommend me some. But it was refreshing to read reviews on the games I loved. Rhank you.

    • apoeticalfriday

      May 17, 2013 at 2:33 pm

      Then you must be my otome soulmate xD I try to get my friends to play these games, but they don’t even give it a shot -_-
      Yeah, I’d guess you’ve played almost every game here… these are all free games I found at LSF ): I AM making a game right now (I’m writing it), and it’s an otome fantasy! I’ll be posting details about it maybe here in a few days. I hope you’ll like it! (: Although we might release it in September/October.
      P.S. I’m so glad you like my reviews! But it’s really the lovely creators that we should be thanking… I’m just doing my bit and spreading the word about these great games ^^


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